Dock Lock For SUP / Kayak

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Dock Lock For SUP / Kayak

This SUP, Kayak, Surfboard locking system is a great, simple way to protect your investment in your SUP, kayak or surfboard. When you want to leave your possessions unattended – outside on the dock or pier, on your car’s roof rack, behind your house, and more. This lock will deter would-be thieves and give you some peace of mind while you live your life.



The Dock Locks SUP, kayak, surfboard lock consists of 2 essential components:

  1. a 10 foot long resettable combination cable lock, and
  2. a Dock Locks Jaw (looks like a car key).

The Dock lock works like a typical cable bike lock, but since a paddleboard doesn’t have a place to loop a cable lock through (like a bike frame), the system includes a unique way to affix the lock to your paddleboard, that’s the Dock Locks Jaw. The Jaw is about the shape of a key. Its metal tip clamps open or shut, and clamps shut on your paddleboard in either of 2 places (leash plug or fin box). When the cable lock is threaded through the metal loop of the Jaw, the Jaw’s tip (clamped shut) cannot be opened. The system prevents removal of the Jaw from your SUP, so you can’t remove your paddleboard from whatever the cable is locked to.

To lock your paddleboard, (1) clamp the Jaw to your paddleboard (leash plug or fin box), (2) thread the cable lock through the loop on the Jaw, and (3) lock the cable to something strong (your kayak rack, a tree, your roof rack, deck or dock, etc.)

Two Places to lock your paddleboard:

  1. Leash Plug: The recommended and easier option, the Jaw clamps shut around the leash plug at your paddleboard’s tail. The leash plug is a sturdy part of your SUP built to withstand a lot of pressure (i.e. when you wipe out and yank your leash) so a thief can’t easily pull the plug out, which would do a lot of damage to your paddleboard.
  2. Fin Box: This lock includes a third piece, a fin box adapter, that lets you attach your Locking Jaw to your SUP’s center fin box, on the underside of your board. It’s another strong part of your paddleboard designed to withstand a lot of force, making it another ideal spot to lock your paddleboard. The adapter itself is a small metal cleat that you slide into your fin box and tighten.

To lock up multiple paddleboards you can use 1 cable with multiple Jaws. Clamp separate Jaws to each paddleboard, thread the same cable through all the Jaws, and lock the cable to your kayak rack or something strong. This is a practical, functional lock solution for multiple paddleboards like SUP yoga studios, paddleboard rentals, and when you have multiple SUPs on your car’s roof rack. But remember, the cable lock is 10 feet long and coiled, so depending on your SUPs and setup you’ll need more than 1 cable lock.


Paddle Lock

May we suggest you also use our paddle lock.  The Paddle lock allows you to lock up your paddle with your SUP or Kayak. The paddle lock is an ingenious billet aluminium piece that clasps around the circumference of your paddle’s shaft. When clasped shut, 2 holes line up through which you thread your cable lock. Once threaded, the Paddle Lock can’t open, so your paddle can’t be removed from the cable. The diameter of the lock is wide enough for all paddles but not too wide so that it can be slipped off your paddle, and the interior of the lock is padded to protect your paddle from damage.

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