FloatStep® Ladder

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FloatStep® Ladder

Finally, a dock ladder that can always be left in the water.  A ladder that’s there when you need it, and not folded up uselessly on the dock above the water where you can’t reach it when the unthinkable happens.  A ladder that won’t cut your hands and feet when you use it and a ladder that’s attractive and family friendly.

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All dock ladders left in the water will deteriorate and develop marine growth.  Fresh water is not as harsh as saltwater, but aluminum ladders will still suffer varying degrees of oxidation and marine growth.  Other manufacturers have tried different types of materials that might slow down the effects of marine growth some even being environmentally harmful and illegal in many states.

Now there’s a dock ladder that’s there when you need it.  The Float Step Ladder’s bottom step floats at the water’s surface on a UV stabilized, molded float that contains no PCB’s.  The ingenious track system allows the ladder to be pulled or pushed down to use it and it will rise and fall with the tide keeping it available for use at all times.

The Float Step ladder is designed to be maintenance free.  Made of powder coated 6000 series marine grade aluminum, this ladder will withstand the harshest of marine environments.  The design includes slip resistant steps spaced 12” apart.  The polyethylene plastic float includes integrated drain technology to keep it floating for years.  The high-quality plastic bushings allow for a smooth effortless travel up and down as the water level changes and during use.

  • All aluminum welded construction
  • Powder Coated for durability and beauty
  • Full length handrail
  • Enclosed track system greatly reducing any pinch points
  • Maintenance free
  • Molded float step to keep the rungs clean and free of marine growth
  • Available for fixed and floating docks
  • Available from 3 to 8 steps
  • Quality plastic bushings that allow easy travel for use and tides
  • Always there at the right level when you need it

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