Kayak & SUP Rack

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Kayak & SUP Rack

To give you the most of your precious dock space the No Profile Kayak/SUP rack mounts over the water, secured to your dock or CHU. Made of powder coated marine grade aluminum and stainless steel the rack arms are situated to suit many configuration of kayaks and paddleboards, this rack is made for outdoor use and meant to stand up to serious outdoor exposure. Stop carrying your paddleboards and kayaks from you house or garage to the water every time you want to use them. With our No Profile Kayak and SUP Rack leave them at the dock.  The sturdy design allows you to store 4 paddleboards, or 4 kayaks, or a mix of both.



Made of powder coated marine grade aluminum, this rack is constructed from 1 ½”  diameter aluminum, with 1” arms.  The base and storage arms are round and offer further protection for a scratch free resting place for you SUP or Kayak.  Our rack also includes thoughtfully spaced locking points to prevent theft.  This is heavy duty stuff that is built to withstand outdoor exposure for many years. We know docks, lifts, decks, and other outdoor spaces suited for this rack endure nasty weather, and this rack is built to withstand what mother nature dishes out while storing your paddleboards and kayaks safely and securely.

This rack is made to be bolted your dock or CHU using the included mounting hardware. The rack sits off your dock over the water to save you precious dock space.

We also have a version that bolts entirely on your dock.


  • Marine grade aluminum construction
  • Designed to position the kayaks and SUP over the water
  • Saves precious dock space
  • Can hold 4 Kayaks or SUP’s
  • Thoughtfully spaced lock attachment points

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