“Way Kleen” Pressure Washer

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“Way Kleen” Pressure Washer

Introducing the”Way Kleen” Pressure Washer &  dockside cleaning system.  This revolutionary cleaning system incorporates a high-volume pressure washer, spot free rinse, non-marring blue hose, hose reel and all the tools necessary to leave your yacht, car, truck and home clean and spot free.   All this nestled into an artfully designed 3 piece custom fiberglass dock box.


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The “Way Kleen” Pressure Washer is ruggedly designed for the saltwater environment, but is just as at home cleaning docks, cars, trucks, patio furniture, homes and windows.  The”Way Kleen” Pressure Washer is equipped with a powerful commercial pressure washer that delivers over 2.5 gallons of water a minute and up to 3000 PSI.  We also included a flow sensor that only delivers power when the trigger is depressed.  The”Way Kleen” Pressure Washer dockside system has all the power and guts to clean your toughest boating and household chores.  The genius is hydrodynamics.  We give you huge volumes of water under pressure to power away blood, dirt, and grime with enough pressure to clean but not enough to harm your boat’s gelcoat or vinyl decals.  Followed by a spotless rinse, using our double canister resin based water deionizer.  The deionizer removes all the harmful chemicals and hardness in the water leaving you with gleaming spotless results.

We offer two versions of the new “Way Kleen” Pressure Washer:

30amp 220v version with 50amp shore power plug.  (2.5 GPM, 3000 PSI)

20amp 120v system with a 30amp shore power plug. (1.5 GPM 2000 PSI)



  • 220v or 120v electric motor
  • 220v commercial pump system – 2.5gpm, 1500-3000 psi
  • 120v commercial pump system – 1.5gpm, 1000-2000 psi
  • Spot free wash (deionized resin system)
  • Flow sensor that provides pressure on demand
  • Built for the saltwater environment
  • Stainless steel parts
  • 100′ non marking hose – blue
  • Tactical wand system – 316 stainless steel
  • Stainless gas shock
  • Noise silencing custom 3 part dock box
  • Hose reel and removable handle
  • 30amp or 50am twist lock power plug
  • Washing package – soap thrower, rinsing tips, blaster tip



  • Custom Gel Coat Color (Box Color) $399
  • Customized Vinyl Decal (Boat Name Ect.) $195
  • LED Lighting Inside Box $250
  • Extra 50’ Hose Sections Non-Marking Blue $175
  • Rotating Power Brush $39.95

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